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CAFKA'02: Power to the People

"The message of the electric light is like the message of electric power in industry, totally radical, pervasive, and decentralized."
-Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the conception of public hydroelectric power in Kitchener, P2P highlights the ubiquity of the most basic icons of the electric age: the household switch and bulb. Significantly situated at the entrance to City Hall, P2P puts the marquee, a now-ubiquitous and iconic tool of corporate communication, into the hands of the general public. By engaging in the everyday unconscious activity of flipping a light switch, citizens are able to communicate directly, without the oversight of a centralized authority, within a government-owned public space. Literally and figuratively, P2P brings Power to the People.

Created by Matt Gorbet, Rob Gorbet and Susan Gorbet, P2P was shown at the Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area, September 21-29, 2002.


Special thanks to:
Maud Gorbet, Andrew Wright, Randy Brubacher, Greg Goralski, Mike Preston,
Isabella Stefanescu, Shelley Adams, Doug Hergott, CAFKA, and


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